Now Faith, Future Hope, Everlasting Love

Faith, hope, and love, are three pillars of the Christian faith. When you understand faith, hope, and love, that understanding can guide you into personal victory, and deep joy. Many Christians use these words, but they don’t have deep understanding of what they actually mean, and how that applies to their journey. Let’s continue onContinue reading “Now Faith, Future Hope, Everlasting Love”

I’m Praying For You: Part Three

Today I am praying for you. I am lifting up all my readers before the Lord. I hope you are all encouraged, and blessed, knowing that I am praying for you. Share this with your friends. Let them know that someone is praying for them. Our two scriptures for this session are Hebrews 4:16 andContinue reading “I’m Praying For You: Part Three”

All-Consuming Love

Love. It gets a hold of you. Love colors everything you do. Love changes everything. When you love someone, you will sacrifice anything, give anything, do anything, for them. When love comes, everything else fades into the background. Love can be consuming. Love permeates everything it touches. Solomon spoke about love when he wrote, “PlaceContinue reading “All-Consuming Love”

I’m Praying For You: Part Two

I’m praying for you again. God is good and He has blessed you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. God loves you and answers prayers. This is the next installment in this series. So if you didn’t catch the first I’m Praying For You, feel free to go back andContinue reading “I’m Praying For You: Part Two”